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Website Design and Development

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SEO & Online Marketing

  • You have just had a great website built and now you need to be found online.

  • SEO and Online Marketing combined as a digital strategy can help by increasing your online presence as quickly as possible.

  • You can increase the return from your website long term by investing in SEO and for quick results, some online advertising.


SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Your aim is to feature well in the major search engine’s organic search results pages. Talk to BusyWeb at the commencement of your website development agreement about your primary aims and get some quick advice about an important initial step.

There are many factors to consider regarding SEO when planning a website including your domain name and keyword choice. BusyWeb can incorporate optimisation techniques during the construction of your website and formation of your website content.

“What is SEO?"

Organic SEOSearch engine optimization is about getting better visibility of your website in "organic" search results. Organic SEO are words describing the process of obtaining natural placement on unpaid search engine results.

Ranking well in organic rsults can be very rewarding to your business long term. Organic SEO is performed offsite as well as onsite.

Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO is the practise of optimising both the website code and page content for keyword searches relevant to your website’s purpose. A part of SEO is also ensuring the semantics of your site are logical and relevant so that the search algorithms of Google and other major search engines have the best chance of understanding what your site is about and can therefore deliver your pages where relevant to the keyword search.

At BusyWeb, when constructing any website for a client, as part of the process we carry out general optimisation of code, microdata and rich snippet markup where appropriate and create a semantically logical DOM when building your website’s pages and entering your content.

Offsite SEO

Everything that happens on the Internet that links back to your website affects your off-site SEO.

Effective back-links from other websites, blogs and online media are assets that can improve the relevance of your website in search. The importance of the site linking back to you is also relevant. A link from an external website to your site is a vote for your website.

As the quantity of external references to your website grows, more and more importance is attached to your website, and in turn, you achieve better visibility in organic search engine results.

Be wary of promises like “We can get you to number 1 in Google” - really?

Most likely, a claim such as that will be a lead in to a PAID online advertising campaign like “Pay Per Click" with a large budget per keyword. This is online marketing, not organic SEO.
However, a budget, however modest, for paid online marketing can assist organic SEO over time, please refer to our Online Marketing section.

BusyWeb has been practising organic SEO since the early days of the web. Today it’s a complex process that takes time.

At BusyWeb we make no guarantees, no web developer or SEO expert can, because web developers don’t control the search algorithms of the major search engines and they change from time to time.

What we do is remain aware of updates and give your website the best chance of ranking well against your competition in organic search results for your chosen key phrases.

That is the only guarantee that any SEO professional can give you for organic unpaid search results. We are pleased however that many of our customers continue to rank well in comparison to their competition for specific keyword searches.

Getting Started

A successful SEO package stars with an SEO analysis.

To get started, you will need an SEO analysis for your business and website. For only $150.00 we can offer an SEO analysis and guide that will include:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Current Ranking and Visitor Report
  • Recommendation for an SEO strategy.
SEO Web Marketing

Depending on your goals and web presence, recommended SEO strategies may be combined with Web Marketing to jump start your web presence.

SEO strategies may include:

  • Google SEO Integration, taking advantage of Google analytics, performance information tools, recommendations and services.
  • Testing optimisation of your website with the latest available analytical tools and formulating performance reports.
  • Local SEO Strategy for localised businesses, ensuring inclusion in directories local to your area as well as mapping directory opportunities.
  • Blogging about your business in forums and blogs relevant to your business to create awareness and assist with online presence and backlinks.
  • Social media setup, organic promotion and integration with your website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, other relevant social media, etc.
  • Combine with a paid web marketing strategy to boost your organic search results.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing

Give your website a boost with Online Marketing, an important factor in your Digital Strategy.

Digital Online Marketing will:

  • Jump start your web presence
  • Drive customers to your website and subsequently to your business.
  • Help improve your search engine relevance and position
  • Get you picked up in other online media and blogs.
  • Get a better ROI for your website.
  • Give you a better cost benefit than print and commercial broadcast media
  • Give your business wider exposure beyond your local area.
  • Provide an immediate effect.

The avenues for online marketing vary as trends develop over time and marketing offerings from the major players develop. Recommendations will depend on your type of business and whats trending at the time.

Online Marketing strategies currently include:

  • Setting up a customer contact email marketing method and database for existing and new customers.
  • Offering mailing list subscription to your database from your website
  • Advertising in local and target market online directories and search engines.
  • Advertising in industry specific online directories.
  • "Pay Per Click” ads in the major search directories like Google Adwords.
  • Social Media advertising such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Creation of Video for YouTube.
  • Yellow Pages Online
Digital Advetising