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eCommerce - Online Shopping


eCommerce today is about having a great user friendly online shopping cart and establishing an online presence that will encourage visitors to visit your online store and purchase.

As well as developing and setting up online stores, we also provide online marketing and SEO services. For further information please refer to our web marketing information.


The first step is establishing an online store to showcase your products and provide purchase and delivery options.

There are basically two directions to choose from initially:

  1. The advantage of a unique online store designed specifically to suit your business.
  2. The economies of the setup of a pre-built shopping cart into which you add your branding and product.

Unique Store by BusyWeb

If you require an online store designed specifically to suit your business, both in graphic design and logical operation, you will consider the advantages of a developer building a system designed just for you from scratch. At BusyWeb we have built many unique online stores to a customer’s specific requirements.

Eponaco Bean Bags

BusyCMS with Shopping Cart

Specific requirements might be:

  • Branding and design theme to follow an established presence in the marketplace, such as a major retailer’s existing marketing approach.
  • A branding theme to a specific design concept.
  • Unique requirements in the method of purchase, such as purchase in specific quantities and/or incentives for further purchases based on items already in the shopping cart.
  • Direct sales and distributor sales from the same store, with pricing based on user log in.

Cingular Orthopaedics

Unique eCommerce by BusyWeb

Mobile eCommerce:

With the advent of responsive design for desktop browsers, tablets and mobile phones, our skill-set enables us to deliver an engaging experience for mobile shoppers using the latest responsive design techniques such as Bootstrap and Adaptive Design.

Pre-built Shopping Cart Installation by BusyWeb

There are many prebuilt shopping carts available today. Most follow the same basic format but with individual unique qualities.

At BusyWeb we can set up and/or maintain any shopping cart system.

Pre-built shopping cart systems offer big savings in that there are no development costs, however, as a store owner, you need to be happy with the options that are included.

Some systems are Open Source and others require an annual license fee.

As a result of changes in the major search engines to favour responsive multi device websites, we now recommend the following:

Open Cart

Open Cart is and open source project and as such, there are no annual license fees, only a small annual hosting fee.

The latest version of Open Cart is responsive and mobile friendly, we are excited to recommend this option.

Open Cart

Open Cart


AbanteCart is another responsive shopping cart that is designed to perform well on Mobile Phones, Tablets and Desktop PC's.

Abante cart

Abante Cart

Cube Cart

CubeCart is a powerful responsive ecommerce solution enabling thousands of merchants globally to sell digital or physical products online.

Cube Cart

Cube Cart

There are many more responsive shopping cart systems available, please advise us if you have a particular favourite.